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The AutoAppPro is a one-stop-shop for all your asset tracking requirements brought to you by the Protrack Group with over 20 years of experience in the GPS tracking market.

Whether you are looking to track your children’s vehicles for peace of mind or want to protect your asset from theft, look no further as the AutoAppPro is the app that has been designed to work for you.

Our web-based software and Auto App Pro has been designed in the UK by our team of professional software engineers to bring you much more than a standard application.

Biometric Login

Login using Biometrics or username / password / client account. For your convenience and security, we have designed the App for IOS and Android with easy login access using biometrics (fingerprint authentication) and three-tier security level.


Customise your App the way that you want it. You can upload your own personal background to the app to make it more personal to you.


There are several reports that can be downloaded and viewed including trip stops reports, full journey reporting and geofence entry and exit reporting.

Historical Replay

You will be able to replay the journey of your tracked asset, this will show you the speeds that you were travelling and the route that you took. It will show any stop off points and times associated with the locations.


Geofences boundaries can be placed instantly around your asset or a set location. You can set these up so that you receive an instant notification if your asset either arrives or departs from a set geofence. You can even set it up so that others are notified by email of your arrival or departure automatically.

Asset Documentation & Information Storage

Your app will allow you to upload documentation about your asset such as Mot, Service, useful garage and mechanical information and ownership documentation as well as receipts etc, so all your documentation is in one place. This can later be downloaded and printed.

There is typical useful data that can be stored for your convenience such as breakdown recovery information, oil type, VIN number,  battery type, tyre pressures and sizes.

Different Map Styles

Different map styles are available such as open street map, Bing satellite view, Bing satallite view with roads and Bing road view.

Multiple Assets 

You can add multiple assets to your account and track them with one simple login.

Multiple Device Compatibility  

Login to your account via any web enabled device. 

24/7 Supports

Having an issue or simply want some help. Send us a support ticket using our 24/7 support ticket system. (NOTE – Although every endeavour is made to reply quickly to al support tickets – Please allow up to 3 working days to reply.)

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