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What services can the app be used with?

Our Professional AutoAppPro can be used in conjunction with all of the Protrack products named below.

Agricultural Equipment


Boats / Jet Skis


Motorbikes and Mopeds

Motorhomes and Caravans

Personal cars

Prestige cars

Teen track.

Trailers and Assets


Will it work on Android and IOS?

A simple answer is YES . Click on the correct logo to download the App

How do I login?

You will be sent a user name, password and account name with your device, simply download the app and login.

Do you have a web version of the software so I can track and input data and uploads via my PC?

YES – Go to the correct website for your asset as shown in Q1 above and click the login icon. This can be saved onto your desktop for easier access in the future if required.

What happens if I forget my username, password or account details?

If a username is lost you will need to email us at using the email address that is linked to your account (original purchase email if not changed).

If your account details are lost, then you must contact us via the support email where we will be able to initiate a reset and issue new login details if required.

The password reset link should work for password resets but in some cases it is not possible, if this is the case we can issue a new password if you email us at

Can I login on more than one device at once?

Yes – you can login using the same username and password on more than one device at the time.

What happens if I am having issues with my device or App?

We recommend contacting us via the support ticket system incorporated in your device or email us at

What happens if I have lost network or internet on my devices

If your tracked asset has no network coverage, the last known location will be shown on your platform however if you PC or mobile device has no internet you will be unable to track your asset

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